Thank You by Valero Doval
A preview of this artwork in its oak wood frame hanger
Valero Doval's artwork billboard installed directly across from the NYU Tisch Hospital in NYC

Thank You by Valero Doval

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Artwork is a limited edition 11"W x 13"H print, numbered and dated at the bottom. Each edition includes 100 prints.

Thank You
by Valero Doval is a recomposed version of his #GiveASign artwork billboard that hangs outside of the NYU Tisch Hospital in New York City. 

Each piece is printed on high quality matte velvet paper and packaged flat with a 12”W oak wood frame hanger. The lightweight frame includes two sets of magnetized wood clamps that safely hold the piece and protect the edges from curling. The frame includes three string options — faux leather, brown jute, and white cotton — and requires only 1 nail to hang.

As always:

  • This artist is paid for each unique print that sells
  • These prints were uniquely designed for and donated to essential workers in NYC