Our signs can be ordered in four different materials, which have been chosen based on their versatility and durability. Sintra is rigid, lightweight, and readily cleanable, while Peel & Stick is flexible and can adhere to most wall or window surfaces. If you need floor decals, we offer Indoor Floor Signs and Outdoor Floor Signs, which offer varying amounts of weatherproofing. 


We use 1/4" sintra as the substrate for these signs. It is appropriate for indoor or outdoor use. Lightweight and versatile, sintra is the best option for signs that will be moved throughout your space.


  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Hanging on walls via nails or tape
  • Propping up on flat surfaces


Product Overview: Sintra (also known as PVC board) is a highly durable material that is great for indoor or outdoor use. A lightweight, semi-rigid foam board that are also moisture resistant. Sintra has a more impressive and vibrant quality over corrugated plastic (think lawn signs for political campaigns). The boards are 1/4" thick and white, which you will see around the border and on the back of the sign. The signage will be printed on one side of the sintra board.

Installation: We will include velcro strips which will allow you to mount the sign to any surface. The velcro strips are removable and should not damage walls. The signs are also durable and rigid enough to lean against walls or other rigid surfaces.

Cleaning Instructions: Sintra is naturally non-porous and moisture resistant. Gently wipe down your sintra signs with any standard cleaning solution sprayed on a rag or cloth. 


This is essentially a printable sticker, made for easy application and clean removal without leaving adhesive residue. Works best with smooth surfaces.


  • Window decals (glass)
  • Painted or tile walls
  • Metal surfaces
  • Low traffic smooth floors

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Product Overview: Our Peel & Stick signs are made with a simple, durable material that adheres to most smooth surfaces. It can be used on tile, glass, metal, painted walls, smooth and low traffic floors (for carpet, high traffic, or outdoors please use Indoor Floor Signs or Outdoor Floor Signs respectively) and many others. The material does not rip, wrinkle or stretch. It is highly water resistant. We use one of two brands for this: Photo Tex Opaque or Print-N-Stick. They both have the same properties as outlined above.

Installation: Use a lint free cloth or paper towel and warm water to wipe off any dust, dirt, grime, or grease from the wall's surface. Allow the wall to dry before you begin installation. To install the graphic, peel 4 inches of the liner off the graphic and place on wall. Continue to peel back 4 inches of the liner incrementally while mounting.

Cleaning Instructions: Peel & Stick is highly moisture resistant. Gently wipe down your Peel & Stick signs with any standard cleaning solution sprayed on a rag or cloth. 


Printed heavy duty peel and stick material made specifically to adhere to carpet or higher trafficked floors.


  • Low pile carpet
  • Smooth hard floors (concrete, tiling)
  • Indoor spaces


Product Overview: Our Indoor Floor Signs are made with a textured floor graphic polyester film. The material is easy-to-apply and remove with no lamination required. This ultra-tough polyester base resists tearing from pallet trucks and foot traffic and will not not tear into small pieces when removed. It is good for all smooth hard floors e.g. concrete & tiling, and low pile carpet tiles. The material should last 3 - 6 months depending on the level of traffic. We use one of three brands for this: Walk & Wall, EZ Grip, or Floor Shark. They all have the same properties as outlined above.

Installation: The floor must be clean, dry, smooth, and all dust and debrisremoved before installation. To install the graphic, peel 4 inches of the liner off the graphic and slowly smooth onto floor. If needed, use a scraper to smooth any bubbles on the surface. Roll the remaining material, and continue to peel back 4 inches of the liner incrementally while smoothing onto the floor.

Cleaning Instructions: Gently wipe down the Indoor Floor Signs with any standard cleaning solution sprayed on a rag or cloth. 


This is the most rugged of the substrates, with an aluminum foil base material that conforms and holds to the texture of any surface it's applied to. 


  • Application on uneven or textured surfaces
  • Brick, cement, and asphalt
  • Outdoor floor signs

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Product Overview: Our Outdoor Floor Signs are meant to withhold the highest amount of ware - heavy pedestrian traffic, rolling vehicles, and all types of weather. It is appropriate for asphalt and cement surfaces with texture and irregular surfaces. Alumi is the ideal material to use  for floor graphics outside of stores to help people stand 6 feet apart. The material as has a nonstick, gripping texture to make sure that people stay safe in the rain. The material lasts up to 12 months outdoors.

Installation: The surface must be clean and thoroughly dry for proper adhesion. Lay printed side down on a flat surface then peel back the release liner from the foil surface. Place the adhesive side down flat on the selected location. Smooth by hand from the center to outer edge, making sure all edges lay flat. Firmly compress to the surface with a roller so that the material has 100% contact, especially all edges. To remove bubbles, puncture material with a pin prick to create an air release, and compress with roller. No heat source is needed to install or remove.

Cleaning Instructions: Clean gently with a hose, broom, and dish soap.