Giving Thanks with Art 

With Covid-19 hitting hard in our hometown, New York City, we wanted to do something special to support our medical teams and other essential workers. We launched a donations-based, non-profit response program, Give A Sign, where we collaborate with independent artists to design billboard-sized artwork affirmations, which are printed and installed outside of NYC hospitals. For each banner installed, our team delivers 300 smaller scale prints individually wrapped with thank you cards to the hospital so healthcare workers can bring the positivity home. We hope that this initiative helps to spread joy and positivity to the hardest working members of our community.

To date, we have installed banners at Lenox Hill Hospital, Weill Cornell Hospital, Maimonides Medical Center, NYU Tisch Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute, with more banners in development.

Getting Involved

We dream of expanding Give A Sign to support even more essential workers in New York City and beyond, but we can't do that without your help. We are seeking two types of support: 

Donate A Wall: Do you want to show appreciation to essential workers in your community? Do you have an outdoor wall that faces a hospital or other essential workplace? Let us know!

Sponsor A Banner: Every dollar brings us closer to our next sign. We are seeking corporate sponsors for locations and humbly ask individuals to consider donating here.

Limited Edition Prints

We hope that you’ll consider purchasing a print for yourself, a loved one, or an essential worker who deserves an extra Thank You. Each print is part of an exclusive limited edition of 100 and is dated and numbered. Proceeds from the prints benefit each artist and help to fund the Give A Sign program. 

We're In This Together.

Indiesigns and #GiveASign are projects by Indiewalls, an NYC-based small business which supports the careers of 3,500+ independent artists by connecting them to sales and commission opportunities in the corporate design setting. We've curated collections and produced artwork for the likes of Google, LinkedIn, Marriott, Royal Caribbean, and more.

At a time like this, we all need to do our part bringing more joy to the world. While the world changes, we are doing our best to go with the flow - or raging storm - and to make a difference in little, everyday experiences. You can learn about Indiewalls' past projects here.