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Safety Signage Doesn't Have to be Scary

As etiquette for congregating and socializing evolve, properties need signage to instruct best safety practices. We produce custom wall, floor, and window signage, designed by independent artists. Now your property can open safely, without compromising on design.

About the Designs

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Pre-selected posters and signage for your hotel brand. Find yours below!  

We're In This Together

Indiesigns and #GiveASign are projects by Indiewalls, an NYC-based small business which supports the careers of 3,500+ independent artists by connecting them to sales and commission opportunities in the corporate design setting. We've curated collections and produced artwork for the likes of Google, LinkedIn, Marriott, Royal Caribbean, and more.

At a time like this, we all need to do our part bringing more joy to the world. While the world changes, we are doing our best to go with the flow - or raging storm - and to make a difference in little, everyday experiences. You can learn about Indiewalls' past projects here.